8 Bit Nerds Presents the 2016 Advent Calendar

This is the last day of the Advent Calendar. Merry Christmas!

Day 18

amazon.com gift card in a santa smile tin

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”http://amzn.to/2hPaGC3″ rel=”nofollow” icon=”fa-tree” target=”true”]Buy Here Now[/button]

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  1. I wonder what the exchange rate is for the Spock Million Dollar Bill here in Tasmania?

    BTW I have claened house in my WP.com account. The only site now in existence is ignusfrump.com as I noticed you have Mild Wildlife on your “Our Friends” page. Sorry to mess you around… again…

  2. Dave…. Errrr…. Remember when I said you could add Ignus Frum to your “Our Friends” page.
    I’ve deleted & aren’t doing any more http://tonymcgurkphotography.com. Just can’t get into it anymore due to lack of interest & motivation. Just gunna stick to my photography which has become my main interest nowadays. Started up a self hosted Photoblog as I still have my Zuver Hosting account active. http://tonymcgurkphotography.com
    Hope you had a great Christmas too

      1. Ummm… Disregard my previous comment. Damn my indecisive brain. I was reading a bunch of my favourite webcomics when I thought “Doh.. why did I delete Ignus Frump???” Luckily I’d exported the content first…
        Think I’ll just keep my photography on Flickr. Had some technical problems with the ignus frump domain so I started a new one. I decided to go self hosted instead of wordpress.com so I can use comicpress plus more freedom on self hosted. http://thecuriouslifeofignusfrump.com
        Feel free to hunt me down & beat me with a baseball bat…
        P.S. New comic posted today

      2. I was going to have another go at my comics but overnight decided that there’s no point persisting with something I’ve lost interest in. Have a great new year Dave

8 Bit Nerds Presents the 2016 Advent Calendar

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