Who Does Benedict Cumberbatch Play in The Hobbit?

Who does Benedict Cumberbatch play in the Hobbit?

Smaug.  Remember him?

Yes, he’s the dragon coveting all the gold.

Favorite role that Benedict Cumberbatch has played in any movie/show?  Share below.

Benedict Cumberbath as Smaug

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  • Nathaniel7

    You are not suppose to tell us the answer :|

  • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ 8-Bit Dave

    Nathaniel7 I am if people use the search term in Google: “Who Does Benedict Cumberbatch Play in The Hobbit?”
    They came here to find out.  I need to give them the answer.
    If I ask the question as a quiz for our readers then I wouldn’t tell the answer.
    This post is the former type question.