Weekly Roundup


3rd Weekly Roundup by 8 Bit Nerds

This week I am going to share one site that you will really benefit from.  If you make any sort of income then you need to check this out! You Need A Budget You Need A Budget (YNAB): ((You Need A Budget (YNAB))) My wife and I have kept a ‘budget’ for …

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2nd Weekly Roundup by 8 Bit Nerds

Here is this week’s Weekly Roundup ((Weekly Roundup)) brought to you by nobody.  Can you believe it?  Nobody is willing to sponsor our weekly roundups.  If you would like to then please call us at 555-5551. Tyrion’s Man Cave: ((Game of Thrones Tyrion Lanister’s Man Cave)) Tyrion is almost everybody’s favorite Game of …

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1st Weekly Roundup by 8 Bit Nerds

The following resources below have been curated just for you.  If you don’t think so, then I would encourage you to change your taste and like what I share.  Seriously, life will get a lot easier for me when you like the links below! 1. 31 Days to Better Blogging Podcast: …

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