16 Intensely Accurate Cosplays That Will Make You Look Twice

Cosplays are really cool when they are done really well.  The following 16 cosplay pictures are some of the best I have seen.  My favorites are Marty McFly, ((Marty McFly on Wikipedia))  Jack Sparrow, ((This Jack Sparrow Cosplay Looks Just Like Johnny Depp!)) and John Hancock. ((Hancock Movie: Academy Award nominee Will …

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Marvin the Martian Cosplay

Marvin the Martian: Oh, how simply dandy. I’ve captured another Earth creature. Why, isn’t that lovely? Hugo will be so happy to have a playmate, but you know how lonesome he gets. Bugs Bunny: Hello, robot. Hello, object d’arte. Hello, space probe. Hello, Earth. [surprised] Bugs Bunny: Hello what? If …

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