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The Elder Scrolls Cosplay

I’m not too savvy with The Elder Scrolls. Nathaniel could fill you in on it. I’m really not sure what character we are looking at below but it is one cool cosplay! source

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A Better 50 Shades of Grey

I haven’t nor will I ever watch 50 Shades of Grey but one would have to be living in a cave not to know what this movie is about. ¬†All I know is that the picture below would be a way better version of the movie! ūüôā

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The Legend of Zelda Nerd Ring

This is probably not going to get you most¬†women. ¬†If you wear this ring you are almost guaranteed to repel 99% of the female population. But here’s the good news! ¬†1% of the female population will be drawn to you when you wear The Legend of Zelda Ring. ¬†1% is …

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Game of Thrones as a Seinfeld Sitcom Episode 3

A few years back we did a post on the concept of if Seinfeld combined with Game of Thrones. ¬†Today I discovered that the creator of these videos had made 4 others. I was going to post all 4 below but 3 of them are disabled for embed. ¬†I’ll leave …

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White Walker Cosplay

Within the first 5 minutes of the very first episode of Game of Thrones they introduce you to a White Walker. When I watched it for the first time it was about 11 pm and the lights were out. ¬†My heart sank and I almost turned it off. Good thing …

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Halo 2 Theme Violin Taylor Davis

Here is the main theme of Halo 2 played by Taylor Davis…enjoy ūüôā You can find more of Taylor Davis’ work at the following places: Taylor Davis on Youtube Taylor Davis on Google Plus Taylor Davis on iTunes Taylor Davis on Facebook

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Han Solo and Chewbacca as Old Retired Men

Are you ready for Star Wars Episode 7? ¬†The official release date is set for December 18, 2015! This galactically¬†challenged Star Wars picture is drawn by artist Randy Martinez. ¬†This particular picture is entitled “Retire of The Jedi: Han and Chewie.” Like Randy’s work, then check out his shop!

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