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2011 Eurovision Winner Ell & Nikki


The winner was Azerbaijan with the song “Running Scared” performed by Ell & Nikki. (source) Eurovision Song Contest Winner for 2011: Ell & Nikki Song: Running Scared Winning Country: Azerbaijan Performed in: Germany

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2010 Eurovision Winner Lena


The 2010 winner was Germany with Lena singing “Satellite”, written by American Julie Frost and Denmark’s John Gordon. It was Germany’s first win in twenty-eight years, its second since the Contest’s inception, and its first win as a unified country. (source) Eurovision Song Contest Winner for 2010: Lena Song: Satellite Winning …

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1983 Eurovision Winner Corinne Hermes

“The Eurovision Song Contest 1983 was the 28th edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. It was held in Munich, then West Germany, on 23 April 1983. The presenter was Marlene Charell. Corinne Hermes was the winner of this Eurovision with the song, ‘Si la vie est cadeau’.”“The Eurovision Song Contest 1982 was the 27th …

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1982 Eurovision Winner Nicole

“The Eurovision Song Contest 1982 was the 27th Eurovision Song Contest and was held on 24 April 1982 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The presenter was Jan Leeming. The opening of the contest showed a map of Europe, with the translation “Where is Harrogate?” The German entrant, Nicole, was the winner of …

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1957 Eurovision Winner Corry Brokken

“The Eurovision Song Contest 1957 was the second edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. It was held on Sunday 3 March 1957 in Frankfurt-am-Main, West Germany. It was won by the Netherlands with “Net als toen”, performed by Corry Brokken.” (source) Eurovision Song Contest Winner for 1957: Corry Brokken …

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