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2010 Eurovision Winner Lena


The 2010 winner was Germany with Lena singing “Satellite”, written by American Julie Frost and Denmark’s John Gordon. It was Germany’s first win in twenty-eight years, its second since the Contest’s inception, and its first win as a unified country. (source) Eurovision Song Contest Winner for 2010: Lena Song: Satellite Winning …

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2009 Eurovision Winner Alexander Rybak


The contest was won by Norway’s Alexander Rybak with his self-penned “Fairytale”, which received a record-breaking 387 points out of 492, at the time the highest total score in the history of the contest and with a margin of 169 points over the second place which went to Iceland. (source) Eurovision …

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1996 Eurovision Winner Eimear Quinn


Eimear Quinn performing “The Voice” which placed 1st and won the contest for Ireland with 162 points in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The 41st edition of the competition show took place at the Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway on May 18th, 1996. (source) Eurovision Song Contest Winner …

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1995 Eurovision Winner Secret Garden


Secret Garden performing “Nocturne” most of the song was instrumental which placed 1st and won the contest for Norway with 148 points in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. (source) Eurovision Song Contest Winner for 1995: Secret Garden Song: Nocturne Winning Country: Norway Performed in: Ireland

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1986 Eurovision Winner Sandra Kim


“Sandra Kim was the winner of this Eurovision with the song “J’aime la vie”, representing Belgium. Aged 13, Kim was the youngest ever Eurovision winner. Current rules require Eurovision Song Contest participants to be at least 16, so unless the rule is changed, Kim’s record will never be broken.” (source) …

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1985 Eurovision Winner Bobbysocks


“Bobbysocks!’ win for Norway was the country’s first. Host Lill Lindfors congratulated the duo, Hanne Krogh and Elisabeth Andreassen, following their victory by saying, “I must say I am honestly very happy that this happened because Norway has been last on so many times that you really deserve it!” Krogh …

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