Dragonball Z Minion

I am seeing these Minions everywhere….they must be popular or something ;)

Found Here

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I am a nerd that likes video games, Anime, comics, action figures, sci-fi, and fantasy. Etarakupu is my sworn enemy and one day I will banish him into the abyss from whence he came! :-)
  • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ Dave

    Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ballsy? It really changes the whole meaning and actually makes one a bad butt.

    • Nathaniel7

      Or Dragging Balls Z.

      • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ Dave

        Oh, that just means he’s an old man and gravity is working.

        • Nathaniel7


  • http://www.comics.wombania.com Binky

    I am seeing them only over here.

    • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ Dave

      But we keep finding them there and posting them here, so there! :-)