Disgruntled Harry Potter Fan Takes Revenge on Emma Watson’s Boyfriend (7 Images)

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Some Harry Potter fan has mastered the spell of PhotoShop.  Apparently and rightfully so this fan is upset.  Upset at the fact that they will never have a chance at dating Emma Watson.

As if they had a chance in the first place.  Maybe they would have a chance with Ron?
Emma Watson Boyfriend

Found at Dummies of the Year via Imgur

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  • I see a trend there.

    • That Emma is kind of hot…

      • As a married man, you are not allowed to have those thoughts.

        • Oh, then please let my last statement be stricken from the record.

          • I will forward that request to your wife.

          • She ain’t no fool 😉 She knows I have eyes only for her but I’m also not blind.

          • A dangerous line to walk! Shut those eyes!

          • So what you are saying is that I should shut my eyes and walk on a dangerous line?

          • It is best to walk into walls with your eyes closed.

  • Nathaniel7

    Emma Watson is hot…..that is all 🙂