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LEGO Yoshi

LEGO Yoshi

Yoshi + Lego’s = greatness. Let us thank Japan for making an awesome character like Yoshi, and thank Denmark for making an awesome toy like Lego’s LEGO Yoshi Super Mario LEGO  images

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LEGO Yoshi Super Mario LEGO  images

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  • Nathaniel7

    Yoshi Island for super nintendo= awesome. Yoshi Story for N64=meh :|

    • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ 8-Bit Dave

      Nathaniel7 I don’t remember the 2nd one but I think I vaguely remember the 1st one.

      • Nathaniel7

        8-Bit Dave Nathaniel7 It came out in 1995..so maybe that is why you can’t remember…..we are getting old :|