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The more you evolve, the less blocky you will become icon_smile Nintendo Evolution


Nintendo-Evolution Nintendo Evolution

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I am a nerd that likes video games, Anime, comics, action figures, sci-fi, and fantasy. Etarakupu is my sworn enemy and one day I will banish him into the abyss from whence he came! :-)
  • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ 8-Bit Dave

    Y U NO GO TO DAMLOL.COM?  Because I’m at 8-Bit Nerds.

    • Nathaniel7

      8-Bit Dave what?

      • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ 8-Bit Dave

        Nathaniel7, That question is at the bottom of the pic.

        • Nathaniel7

          8-Bit Dave Nathaniel7 Oh, I didn’t notice that :)