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Cute & Adorable Baby Batman


What’s cuter than a baby? A baby in batman pjs! That’s it. I’ve nothing more to say. I could write a 300 word post here to try and up my SEO but I’m not going to do it. But I will say that if you liked this post then please …

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8 Bit Nerdy Baby Clothes

8-Bit Nerdy Baby Clothes

Can you guess the two syllables word that everyone is thinking right now for these 8 Bit Nerdy Baby Clothes?  Precious! Of course I hate that word and think it is over used for everything baby.  Why can’t it be freaking awesome for once?    

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8 Bit Nursery Room

8-Bit Nursery

How does one make their baby happy?  Create the perfect nursery room! Just make sure that your baby doesn’t eat the coins.  There are no 1 Ups for eating gold coins! 🙁  source

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