About Dave

The proprietor of 8-Bit Nerds is Dave. He created this site as a tribute to nerds everywhere. Make sure to look at 10 posts per visit! :-)
  • http://www.comics.wombania.com Binky

    Is this a photo you found, or did you make those? That’s such a simple idea, but very effective.

    • Nathaniel7

      I am guessing he found the picture :)

      • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ Dave

        Bingo was his nameo.

    • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ Dave

      I have only ever found the photos but this is one I my implement. I think I will till my boy gets older and do it with him.

      • http://www.comics.wombania.com Binky

        That would be fun. If he has any idea at all who they are.

        • http://www.8bitnerds.com/ Dave

          I’ll teach him.

  • http://soarlikeaturkey.com Tony McGurk

    Wow those are really great. Googly eyes are great on anything. I wonder if I could put Googly eyes all over my motor scooter. Maybe too extreme…

    • http://8bitnerds.com/ Dave

      Googly eyes work well on Cookie Monster!