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Oh, Good Grief X-Men

Good grief indeed Charlie Brown!

Who is your favorite X-Men character?

Oh, Good Grief X-Men Oh, Good Grief X-Men Oh, Good Grief X-Men oh good grief x men


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  • Nathaniel7

    What mutant is Woodstock suppose to be?

    • 8-Bit Dave

      Nathaniel7 Good question.  I strained us much as my eyes would allow and I can’t tell.

      • Binky

        8-Bit Dave Nathaniel7 The KFC drumstick?

        • 8-Bit Dave

          Binky 8-Bit Dave Nathaniel7 So you are saying the KFC uses mutant birds?

        • Binky

          8-Bit Dave Binky Nathaniel7 I believe they use their own breed of chicken-like entities.

        • 8-Bit Dave

          Binky, probably the same stuff that made those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

        • Binky

          8-Bit Dave Binky Kentucky Fried Ninja Chickens?

        • 8-Bit Dave

          Binky, Sounds dangerous.

  • SpilledInkGuy

    Wuh wah wuh wah wah wah…

  • frigginloon

    Nice muffin top on Emma Frost …or is it Hope?