bored be gone

Zombie Stormtrooper

I think this image begs the question, how did this Stormtrooper get infected when all of that armor is covering him up?  How in the galaxy did he become a Zombie Stormtrooper?

Zombie Stormtrooper Zombie Stormtrooper Zombie Stormtrooper zombie stormtrooper

  • SpilledInkGuy

    Darth is gonna be P****D at the next uniform inspection!

    • Japanese Ghost

      SpilledInkGuy Unless he also got infected.  If that is the case then he would be all like, “Dude!”

  • Nathaniel7

    So the armor is alive as well!? I guess that is like when people see ghost, the clothes they were wearing follows them to the afterlife.

  • Binky

    They need to have some Wombie Stormtroopers.

    • Nathaniel7

      Binky Or maybe Wombie ewoks, that would at least be easier to pull off;)

      • Binky

        Nathaniel7 That would be more like it.