15 Bits of Simpson Trivia That You May Not Have Known

I am a Simpsons fan but only knew 2 of the 15 bits of trivia. I had no idea that it was the Simpsons that came up with “Meh.”

Simpsons-Trivia-02 Simpsons-Trivia-08 Simpsons-Trivia-07 Simpsons-Trivia-06 Simpsons-Trivia-05 Simpsons-Trivia-13 Simpsons-Trivia-12 Simpsons-Trivia-11 Simpsons-Trivia-10 Simpsons-Trivia-09Simpsons-Trivia-14 Simpsons-Trivia-15 Simpsons-Trivia-01 Simpsons-Trivia-04 Simpsons-Trivia-03 source

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