Attune Your Ears

tuning fork

(This is Entry #7 in the Pseudoish Wisdom Series)

Most of the regular visitors know that I live in Germany.  I have done so for about 5.5 years.  Learning German is difficult but it is easier if you attune your ears to the language.  Tune them up!

It helps to listen to the news and to watch Castle or whatever American dubbed rerun one can find.

I have noticed another problem that I run into and that is different dialects within the English language.  Not accents because they are spoken by non-native English speakers.  Dialects are the different ways English is pronounced with native speakers.

I think I know English pretty well but I am challenged when I meet somebody from say Liberia.  It’s not just that their English sounds different to my ears but I think I noticed words in a slightly different order than what I would put them.

So, if faced with a different dialect than your own, just attune your ears.  Keep politely asking your conversation partner to repeat themselves until you are more fluent in their dialect.

The great thing is it is much easier to learn a dialect of your own mother tongue than a second language.