Editing Images in Gimp for the First Time

I ran across an article discussing some tips on how to edit photos in gimp.  In the past I have always used Picasa.  This is my first time to take any pics in a looooong time.  On top of that it is with a really ‘bad’ camera.  But who cares.  When viewing the slide show keep in mind that the first image will be the untouched version and the second is the edited one.

[tie_slideshow] [tie_slide] IMG_8060 [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] Apple Blossoms Edited [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] IMG_8056 [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] edited chain bridge image [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] IMG_8062 [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] apple blossom edited 2 [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] IMG_8120 [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] bike lane edit [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] IMG_8052 [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] edited tree chalk [/tie_slide] [/tie_slideshow]