How Many European Countries Colonized?

Here is the number of colonies each European ((Complete List of Eurovision Song Contest Winners 1956 to Today)) Country had in the past. It would seem with the exception of Russia, ((Super Mario as Joseph Stalin in the Communist Russian Plot to Take Over the World!)) Western and Northern Europe had by far the most colonies, while Eastern Europe hardly had any colonies. Maybe this is because the Western European countries were closer to the ocean…..who knows. source ((Jakub Marian — Language learning, science & art))

European colonies

United Kingdom = 115 ((Tag Archives: United Kingdom))

France = 53 ((Tag Archives: France))

Portugal = 52 ((Tag Archives: Portugal))

Spain = 44 ((Tag Archives: Spain))

The Netherlands = 29 ((Tag Archives: The Netherlands))

Germany = 20 ((Tag Archives: Germany))

Russia = 17 ((Tag Archives: Russia))

Denmark = 9 ((Tag Archives: Denmark))

Finland = 8 ((Tag Archives: Finland))

Sweden = 6 ((Tag Archives: Sweden))

Italy = 7 ((Tag Archives: Italy))

Belgium = 3 ((Tag Archives: Belgium))