38 Medieval Swords and Their Development from 500 – 1500 AD

Duncan MacLeod was born in 1592 so naturally he doesn’t use a Medieval sword.  But he does right?  He uses a Katana blade.  Katana’s were produced between 1392 and 1573.

Now, to my point.  Duncan seems to have an advantage with his lightweight (2 to 3 pounds) sword than most of the people he fights.  In fact, he did his student, Richie Ryan, a disservice by giving him a 10 to 20 pound Medieval sword.  Well, the first sword Richie received was a Rapier, which only weigh 2 pounds.  The 2nd sword he had looked very heavy.

If you are a sword expert feel free to correct any places I am wrong.  If you want to show me where I am wrong about something in the Highlander series, well we’ll just have to agree to disagree. 😉

Medieval Swords

Found at The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts