Monthly Power Up Vol. 2 Issue 3

May the 4th be with you

April Recap

Last month we had some crazy stuff happen!  Okay, it was pretty much the same old story.  Now, let’s see, what did happen?

Top 5 Posts

  1. Game of Thrones: The Major Houses and Their Members
  2. I am Never Watching this ‘Adventure Time’ Theme Song Again. Watch it and See Why.
  3. The Hobbit: Cast and Character’s
  4. Star Wars Minions
  5. Which Disney Character are You According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Bottom 5 Posts

  1. I Hate the Show How I Met Your Mother
  2. It’s a Wrap
  3. Mixed Up Super Mario Brothers?
  4. This Triforce Should Really Come With Some Kind of Warning Label
  5. Super Hot Version of Han Solo (Yes, She’s Female)

Top 5 Search Terms

  1. adventure time
  2. hot mom
  3. minion star wars
  4. minions
  5. han solo fridge where to buy

Bottom 5 Search Terms

  1. my mom in hot mom contest
  2. three hearts as one – elder scrolls online bard song
  3. star trek uniforms
  4. butthead look at me
  5. puppy starwars

New Series

Last week we began the Eurovision Song Contest Series.  Each day we are posting at least 3 videos from this year’s Eurovision.  I will wrap up Eurovision on the day of the final.  I plan to do some live blogging all by myself… cause I’m assuming I will be the only one there.  Go check out the Eurovision Song Contest series page.

April 2014 Top Commenters

Nathaniel7 Nathaniel7 (78)
Binky Binky (47)

Tony McGurk Tony McGurk (35)

Bearman Cartoons Bearman Cartoons (5)

Binky would have pulled off the victory this month but he got distracted by a chocolate factory.  At least that is what we assume.

Links of Interests

Bearman Cartoons Charity: Each year Bearman issues a challenge.  He wants you to help him give his money away to worthy charities!  It doesn’t cost you a dime.  What’s the catch?  A Google Circle here or a post about it there.  Not much to ask.  Go see more about it here —> Bearman Cartoon Charity Challenge 2014.

Out The Bush: You are not going to believe it!  Seriously!  Tony McGurk has a new blog with a new domain.  Enough with the picking on him.  His new site looks wonderful.  The colors are great as well as the characters!  But remember, it’s like a going out of business sale, so hurry on over before it’s too late!  (Just kidding Tony.  Hope the jabs didn’t hurt too much)  🙂

Update: Appears Tony has moved again!  But this time, in my honest opinion, it is for the better.  He is now using subfolders!!  Good for you Tony.  Check out Out The Bush here

May the 4th be with You:  Disclaimer: This is a advertisement.  Save 20% off everything Star Wars at ThinkGeek until May 5th.  Go see it here.

Power Up by watching a Star Wars marathon this weekend.  I would but I don’t own any of those movies… (I might have to turn in my Nerd Card).