Monthly Power Up Vol. 2 Issue 8

Power Up 2

NEWS: We will no longer be able to have the top commenters widget in the sidebar.  This doesn’t mean we won’t keep track of your comments.  We will still award you with a link back to your site for 25 comments or more and you will still earn a trophy with at least 50 comments.  So why won’t we have the widget anymore?

8 Bit Nerds is hosted with DreamPress, which is a VPS with DreamHost.  DreamPress uses Varnish Cache.  I had to deactivate 3 plugins because they were causing Varnish not to work properly and top commenters was one of those plugins.  But the good thing is I know you don’t leave comments here because of a widget, right?

8 Bit Nerds Podcast:  Nathaniel and I are seriously thinking of starting a podcast for 8 Bit Nerds.  I am currently researching how to create one.  The question is, would you actually listen to us ramble and what kind of topics would you want us to discuss?

Top November Commenters

This is the first time we have had top commenters since August.  Tony almost got the trophy, which was going to be a turkey.

Tony McGurk Tony McGurk (46)

Binky Binky (32)

Nathaniel7 Nathaniel (26)

Top 5 Posts

1. Game of Thrones: The Major Houses and Their Members

2. Star Wars Minions

3. 18 Awesome Body Hacks

4. The Hobbit: Cast and Character’s

5. How to Make a Ninja Mask Out of a T-Shirt in Just 5 Easy Steps

Top Five Search Terms

1. star wars

2. hot mom

3. anime adventure time

4. 8 bit characters

5. adventure time anime

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