Monthly Power Up Vol. 3 Issue 4

monthly power up

Top Commenters Widget

I tried something crazy that was really convenient for the community here.  I had the Top Commenter Widget on every page.  This became too difficult to manage.  Why?

Because I have 14 different sidebars!  One for each category.  I was having to change the date and add a trophy in each one.  It just took up too much time.

I hope it is okay that I only have it in the homepage now.  I really do like the nice little competition that we have here for a *crappy trophy.

By the way I would like to mention that I dofollow your links within the Top Commenters widget! 🙂

*The trophy is not crappy this month because it is Tony!

NEW!  TV Channel

I added a new category last month known as the tv channel.  We have had videos in the past but there was not a category dedicated to them.

My goal is to add more focus on popular and viral videos that you will hopefully enjoy.  I will be on the hunt for popular videos about cats, dogs, babies, Legos, video games and more.

New Video Plugin

With the introduction of our new tv channel we also have a new video plugin called Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin (affiliate link).  It has a couple of benefits.

The first is that anybody with a blog can embed the video into their blog post.  The second benefit is that I am able to put my logo into the video.  If one clicks on the logo then they will land on the 8 Bit TV page, so that they can waste spend some more time on 8 Bit Nerds.

Check out this video for more info on the plugin:

Awoke to Something Interesting

This morning I woke up way too early and knew I would go back to bed for a few more winks.  I thought I would check a few things online before doing so.

When I checked out how many people were on 8 Bit Nerds at the moment I found about 38 visitors.  That was unusually because I normally have anywhere from 4 to 8.  So where was all this traffic coming from?

People where viewing this post: This Fascinating Social Experiment Begins with People Yawning and Ends with a Refreshing Surprise and the referrer was: Liberty Times Net.  They are a website based out of Taiwan.

According to my stats they have given me 556 hits.  Here is the interesting part!  Most of these “visitors” never ended up at 8 Bit Nerds.  Because Liberty Times Net embedded a video that uses the new plugin from my site each view gets recorded as a hit!

So, um, I don’t really benefit from that unless they click the logo within the video and come check out the site.

Note to self, find out how to add ads to the video!


One way I am trying to benefit the source of the video is by linking to them twice.  Once to the original video and once to one of their social media sites.

Top Commenters

This month everybody was trying to earn the coveted Tony award!  Seriously!  Just look below.  Nathaniel and Tony both earned a red-nosed Tony award!  Great job you two.  Thank you also to our new regular readers!  I have enjoyed reading your comments and I have enjoyed visiting your sites as well!

Top Commentator Award Nathaniel7 Nathaniel7 (59)

Top Commentator Award Tony McGurk Tony McGurk (54)

Binky Binky (37)

Bill Murphy Bill Murphy (15)

Kit Karidoo Kit Karidoo (5)

Jason Jason (4)

Bearman Cartoons Bearman Cartoons (2)

Dylan Rutland Dylan Rutland (1)

Top Posts

10. Superman Cosplay (86 views)

9. The Legend of Zelda Facts, Not Opinions, Facts! (105 views)

8. Marvel : Tattoo Design 2.0 by Mareve-Design (107 views)

7. How to Make a Ninja Mask Out of a T-Shirt in Just 5 Easy Steps 180 (views)

6. 7 Superheroes from the Justice League of America (257 views)

5. Cast & Character’s from The Hobbit (262 views)

4. Star Wars Minions (272 views)

3. 18 Awesome Body Hacks (302 views)

2. This Fascinating Social Experiment Begins with People Yawning and Ends with a Refreshing Surprise (556 views)

1. Game of Thrones: The Major Houses and Their Members (696 views)

Interesting Links

Mind Maps could potentially change your life by helping you become more organized. I have been using them recently and have never gotten so much done in my life!  Here are some interesting links to learn more about mind mapping:

How To Start Making Money Online with Mind Maps by Patt Flynn

XMind: The Most Professional Mind Mapping Software – I am currently using this software to mind map.  They have a paid version but the free version works just fine.

Mindmap with MindMup – Free and Easy Mindmapping by Steve Dotto

Again, thank you to everybody who participated in the comments last month!  I look forward to June… and not just because my wife is having baby #2!