Masters of the Universe BluRay Stole Dave Rapoza’s Artwork

I am posting this here to help raise awareness that the artwork of Dave Rapoza has been stolen by Masters of the Universe Bluray.

I enjoy posting nerdy pictures on 8 Bit Nerds.  A wise sage once told me I needed to post the source.  I have since tried my very best to do so.

From the words of Mr. Rapoza,

I like to call out bigger companies whenever they steal my artwork or anyone elses, and I’m not saying I own Masters of the Universe or anything like that… But they didn’t even say ‘thanks for doing the work’, no contact whatsoever. No change to the image, just blending it out, it’s pretty crazy how obvious it is. But hey! If you like my artwork and wanna legitimately use my services, my website is 😀

Masters of the Universe