Top 10 Last 7 Days!

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The following are last weeks most popular posts here at 8 Bit Nerds. Enjoy!

Last Week’s Most Viewed Posts

  1. Harry Potter The Memories
  2. Being Batman is Expensive
  3. Superheroes and Villains Kid Silhouettes
  4. Harry Potter vs Star Wars
  5. I’ll Try to Share Nerdy Content
  6. Admiral Brand Animal Traps
  7. Star Wars Cereal
  8. Never as Cool as Spock
  9. I’m Pretty Sure it’s a Scam
  10. Super Hero Minions

The following are the least popular posts from last week.  Enjoy these as well!

Last Week’s Least Viewed Posts

  1. Slime’s Person of the Year!
  2. I’m Broda
  3. I Want to be a Superhero
  4. The ALBION Girl Always Gets Her Way!
  5. Muppet Robin Hood
  6. The Birds 8-Bit Nintendo Video Game
  7. Garbage Pail Kids Meets Video Games?
  8. The Force is Strong with Betty White
  9. TOMS R2D2 Shoes
  10. Zelda: The Musical (Original)