Pinterest Suspended Me But Not 9GAG

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for finding and sharing images.  I have been using it for 8 Bit Nerds for 4 years.  Nathaniel and I have shared pins from this site and many, many others at our 8 Bit Nerds Pinterest account.  This account is safe… for now.

Some of you know that I have another site called Dummies of the Year.  I have been messing with that site since 2009.  I think I had a Pinterest account for it for at least the last couple of years.

In the fall of 2015 I started to get serious about it.  I modeled my Pinterest boards and site after another site that will remain unnamed because I don’t won’t that guy to also get banned.

I started having success.  In October of 2015 I had about 27,000 page views for the month and in May of 2016 I accumulated close to 385,000 page views.

For the last month I was getting about 1,000 new followers to my Pinterest account each week.  Last week, right before I got suspended, I broke the 10,000 follower count.  That’s a drop in the bucket to most but I was pretty happy about it.

Then on Thursday I tried logging in and was told that I was suspended.  I emailed them hoping there was a mistake.  This is their response,

We deactivated your account because it looked like you were posting spammy pins, which goes against our Acceptable Use Policy. To us spam is any content that’s fraudulent or deceptive, pinning large amounts of unwanted or repetitive stuff, posting unsolicited commercial messages in comments, descriptions, etc., or trying to artificially boost views, Pins, comments or other metrics. Unfortunately we will not be reactivating your account.

Thanks for your understanding,

Bedford | Community Specialist

I emailed them again asking a different question and they sent me the same response word-for-word.  I am pretty sure they send canned responses and that it is near impossible to speak with a real person.

Me vs 9GAG

Yesterday I ran across 9GAG’s Pinterest account by chance.  When I saw that all of their pins were leading back to their site I was fairly upset because most, not all, of my pins were leading back to my site but I got banned.

9 Gag on Pinterest 1


And here is my board for a bit of comparison.  This is cached version so the follower count is lower than I stated above:

Dummies of the Year on Pinterest

Maybe the difference between me and them is that what I pin is unwanted and what they pin is wanted.  But how am I supposed to know what Pinterest wants?  Do they want 1000’s of memes with 9GAG watermarks?

I want to play by Pinterest’s rules but I really don’t know what the rules are.  They have terms of service but it is a bit vague.

Maybe one has to be one of the big players not to get banned.  Can you imagine what kind of negative publicity Pinterest would receive if they suspended 9 GAG’s account for spamming?

Pinterest you NEED better customer service.  You need to give the person you suspend a real answer on why you suspended them.  I do like the idea of Pinterest but loath the fact that you don’t care about your pinners.