What is the Secret Sauce to a Successful Blog?

Abraham Piper ((Abraham Piper on Twitter)) runs a very successful blog called 22 Words. ((22 Words: Funny, Smart, Amazing Stories))  Dave (me) ((Creator and Curator of 8 Bit Nerds)) runs a very mediocre blog called 8 Bit Nerds. ((8 Bit Nerds))

To Have a Successful Blog Create Curiosity Inducing Headlines

22 Words and 8 Bit Nerds posted the same video recently.  Here are the titles of both:

22 Words: If You’re a Parent, You’ll Probably Recognize EVERYTHING In This Hilarious Video

8 Bit Nerds: Look at Those Big Boy Undies

Immediately one can see that 22 Words put some work into their title.  Parents are going to want to see if they do recognize everything.  I didn’t really try with my title.  Look at those big boy undies is one of the lines in the video.  I could have created more curiosity.

To Have a Successful Blog Win at Social Media

22 Words has 372,000 Facebook followers ((22 Words on Facebook)) and it grows everyday!  8 Bit Nerds has 1,973 followers ((8 Bit Nerds on Facebook)) and it just kind of stays steady.  I honestly don’t know how to be successful at this.

I do know one rule is do not buy Facebook likes.  Why?  They are not real likes, even if Fiverr ((I will add permanent facebook likes for $5)) says they are real.  I have also experimented with doing Facebook ads.  I get likes for the page but when I share our latest post nobody likes it.  Like I said, I really don’t know how to win the social media game.  Suggestions?

To Have a Successful Blog It’s All About Who You Know

I don’t think it is fair to attribute all of Abraham Piper’s blogging success to his father ((John Piper at Desiring God)) but I bet it didn’t hurt.  His father is an extremely popular preacher/author.  I think that may have jump started his blog.  8 Bit Nerds does not have a jump start.  And that’s just life.

Comparing the Stats


  • 8 Bit Nerds: $480
  • 22 Words: $2,184,840

Page Rank

  • 8 Bit Nerds: 3
  • 22 Words: 5

Alexa Global Rank (lower the better)

  • 8 Bit Nerds: 2,031,915
  • 22 Words: 5,492

Daily Unique Visitors

  • 8 Bit Nerds: 322
  • 22 Words: 252,836

Daily Pageviews

  • 8 Bit Nerds: 644
  • 22 Words: 2,022,688

Take a look at the full stats below.

Curious to see how your blog ranks?  Check out 1 Page Rank. ((PageRank, website value review, page rank stats, keyword seo analytics))  Also, have any secret sauce tips on how to run a successful?  Share in the comments!

8 Bit Nerds Stats

8 Bit Nerds (1) 8 Bit Nerds (2) 8 Bit Nerds Successful Blog

22 Words Stats

22 Words (1) 22 Words (2) 22 Words (3)