How To Spot Fake IDs


Identity theft is now very common and as an adult or a parent, you must know what a fake ID looks like. If you have no idea how to spot a fake ID, then you simply cannot protect your kids from wrong. And if you are a businessman, spotting fake ids is extremely crucial for you. ID thieves basically live on the basis of lack of knowledge and that is why they go uncaught. Also, owning a fake ID is not a minor crime and in many states, it is taken very seriously. Thus, think twice before you leap for possessing a fake ID and make sure that you know the penalties for it, if you get caught.

However, if you want to gain knowledge about spotting a fake ID, for whatsoever reason, we are here to help you. Here are some easy and common ways through which one can spot a fake id.

  1. Features:

Every state has a different set of features for the ID. Fake IDs usually don’t follow exactly the same pattern as the original one; there is always a slight difference. Here are some of the common features that every ID card has:

  • Holograms
  • Printed image (specific dimension and style for each state)
  • Font and colors
  • Watermarks

A little deep comparison between an original and fake ID, will help you differentiate both. However, it might be a bit hard to recognize it with one glance but people, who know the differences, will easily spot a fake ID.

  1. UV Lighting:

Fake IDs that kids use for buying alcohol can be detected through UV lighting at the stores. Original ID cards have security feature in it which is visible by the help of an ultraviolet ray. However, in a fake ID, there is no such feature. You can tilt the card or place its back side on the UV light to see whether the id is fake or real and you will certainly spot it.

  1. Surface of the ID:

Run your fingers through the card surface and you will easily spot a fake ID. If the surface of the ID is not smooth or consistent, you will understand that it might not be an original one. A bumpy surface or the one which is thick from one side but is thin from the other helps you spot a fake id. Also, if the edges of the ID card are rough, that could be a sign too.

  1. Spelling Mistakes:

Fake IDs are made in a rush, thus they have chances of mistakes. Spotting fake ID card might not be easy but some simple mistakes can help you catch the sign that the ID is not an original one. Go through the spellings and you will spot a fake id.

  1. Ask Queries:

If you doubt that you are holding a fake ID and you are not ready to sell the bottle of alcohol to the customer; ask any queries related to the ID. People who own a fake ID usually don’t remember the details on it as they are not real. Who bothers memorizing fake details? This makes it easier to spot a fake id. Thus, don’t be scared to ask questions from the customer if you have any suspects.

Spotting a fake ID is not that hard and all you need are some simple signs that can help you identify one. Whether you are worried as a parent or as a seller; you can spot a fake ID with the help of the above mentioned tips. It is easy and won’t be hard at all.


Some harder ids to spot are the New york fake id, texas fake id, Illinois fake id and much others.