How Safe are Your Star Wars Collectibles from Your Baby?

Star Wars Collectibles

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For every nerd out there this is a very important question because your Star Wars collectibles will remain in your house forever, your baby probably will not.

Star Wars Collectibles ChewbaccaBad Habits Will Ruin Your Wookie

Do you have the bad habit of leaving your minted condition Han Solo on the floor?  Then don’t be surprised when baby boy leaves teeth marks on old Mr. Ford.

Best Options for Success

  1. Don’t have children.  Seriously, your wife may ask you to make a choice between the baby and your toys collectibles.
  2. Lock the chamber where your Star Wars collectibles are being stored.  Just remember, it only takes a second for your baby to set the whole chamber on fire.
  3. Boarding school.  Don’t be surprised when the wife doesn’t agree to this, especially when the boy is still breast feeding.
  4. Glass case.  Probably the best choice.

How do you keep your Star Wars Collectibles safe?

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