Star Wars Mad Libs at 8 Bit Nerds

As a kid Mad Libs was always a frustrating game for me.  Reason?  I stunk at grammar. 🙁  But don’t worry because I’m sure you’re awesomer at it.

From ThinkGeek:

The universe’s greatest word game

Luke Banana-walker battled with his inner shellfish when he began training to be a Jedi Steak. But, as always, Master Yoda offered sage advice: “Bite or bite not. There is no snore.

Can you believe that Mad Libs have been around since the 1950s? It’s one of those activities that most everyone can say they did as a kid. (And then again as a teenager with all the new vocabulary words our parents didn’t want us to say.)

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, pick up this book of Star Wars Mad Libs. You’ll find 21 _____ (adjective) stories that include your favorite characters and events from the Star Wars movies. Whether you’re a _______ (adjective) ________ (noun) or a _______ (rank of royalty), you’ll have a great time brushing up on your parts of speech while making new and hilarious renditions of old tales.

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