Top 10 Last 7 Days! (1)

The following are last weeks most popular posts here at 8 Bit Nerds. Enjoy!

Last Week’s Most Viewed Posts

  1. Never as Cool as Spock
  2. Star Wars Cereal
  3. The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars Story Ever Told
  4. I’m Pretty Sure it’s a Scam
  5. Sallie Mae is the Devil
  6. This New Game Will Look Very Nice on My Shelf
  7. As Satisfying as it Was in 1992
  8. No, Yu is Blind
  9. Luke I Am Your Father: Eat Your Vegetables
  10. Evolution of Link’s Swords
The following are the least popular posts from last week.  Enjoy these as well! 🙂

Last Week’s Least Viewed Posts

  1. Speculative Fiction
  2. Pure Awesome
  3. Awesome Classic Nintendo Posters!
  4. Y U No Fix Elevator
  5. Even Darkness Must Pass
  6. Nintendo Valentine
  7. Real Life Mario Kart
  8. The Economics of Star Wars
  9. Giant Nintendo Controller
  10. Darth Kitty