8 Bit Nerds Podcast Episode 2: Top 5 NES Games

We did it!  What did we do, you may ask.  We created a second podcast!

In this episode Nathaniel and Dave review their top 5 Nintendo Entertainment System games of all time.

In This Episode

  • Mike Tyson’s Prison sentence
  • Why have a second quest in The Legend of Zelda?
  • doki doki panic
  • and more!

We’d Like to Say

  • Eastern Europe isn’t creepy but if it is, that’s okay.
  • We didn’t name our friends so we could protect their privacy not because we were just making up our friends.
  • An encyclopedia has pictures.  It’s more like reading a dictionary.
  • Nathaniel takes a moment to sound like an old man by talking bad about kids nowadays. 😉

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