Weekly Power Up Vol. 2 Issue 1

vol 2 issue 1 power up

We haven’t had a Weekly Power Up since August 2013!  Which makes it a Bi-Annual Power Up :-/

Thank you for all of the comments this week.  We saw a new post enter the Top 5.  Top Posts are determined by comments.  That post is The Captains.

Enjoy this post and don’t forget to Power Up by powering down this weekend.

February Top Commenters

Nathaniel7 Nathaniel (67)Top Commentator Award
Binky Binky (40)
Tony McGurk Tony McGurk (7)
Bearman Cartoons Bearman Cartoons (2)
Living Myth Living Myth (1)

I decided to bring back the Top Monthly Comments with the shiny trophy.  Nathaniel kicked behind this month but I’ve got a feeling it will be neck and neck next month.

Last Week’s Posts

The Captains

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Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games

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Mario Daydreaming Like He’s Going to Get a Skinny Wife on a Fat Man’s Sitcom

The Muppets Posing as Robin Hood Characters

Power Up Links

RIP Harold Ramis:  Bearman from Bearman Cartoons has created a tribute to Harold Ramis aka Egon from Ghostbusters.  Go check it out.

Gender-Swapped Hobbit Cosplay:  All those dwarves from The Hobbit but as attractive women.  Yeah, I thought that’d get your attention.

See you next post!