You Can’t Make Anybody Happy


(This is Entry #14 in the Pseudoish Wisdom Series)

Happiness is much sought after but even when you think you have it it disappears.

Take commenting systems for example.  99% of my visitors have their own site.  Most use the default WordPress comments.  That makes them happy.  That is fine for them but if I used it on my site I wouldn’t be happy.

Disqus is pretty good but more than anything it is just widely used.  It’s convenient to have a Disqus account because sooner or later you are going to run across a site that has Disqus comments.

Disqus doesn’t make me happy though.  I have been on the lookout for a couple of months for a new commenting system.

Even Spot.IM doesn’t make me happy and I’ve only had it for one day.  My name with Disqus was Dave but now I don’t have that option.  I have to settle for @8Bit_Dave.

Even if Spot.IM wasn’t perfect I would probably find something I wasn’t happy with it about.

So is life.  Can we find contentment?  Can we learn to be happy?  I think so, but not with commenting systems.

One wise Wombie screams from the rooftops, “Happiness is chocolate.”